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Elevate the beauty of your spaces with our professional hardwood floor restoration and cleaning services; Two Shea’s Restoration actively transforms homes in Lewisville and throughout the DFW region. At Two Shea’s Restoration, we understand that your hardwood floors experience wear and tear over the years. Our family-owned and operated business takes pride in restoring the natural beauty and durability of your hardwood floors while ensuring they retain their timeless elegance for years to come. Whether your floors are marked by scratches or simply carry the gentle signs of years of love and use, our team is dedicated to bringing back the original charm and smooth, clean finish of your natural wood floors.

We believe in not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, without compromising on quality or sustainability. That’s why Two Shea’s Restoration uses only premium, eco-friendly products that deliver superior cleaning results while safeguarding your family’s health and our planet’s future. Our process is meticulous and tailored to the unique needs of your hardwood floors. Give us a call for premium hardwood floor restoration services, your floors will never look better! 

Our Hardwood Floor Restoration Process

Our journey to restore your hardwood floors begins with a thorough assessment, where we meticulously inspect the condition of your floors, identifying imperfections, scratches, and signs of wear. This initial evaluation allows us to tailor our restoration approach to your needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Once we’ve mapped out a plan, we apply our expertise and state-of-the-art techniques to restore your hardwood floors to their original state—or even better. From buffing away years of wear to smoothing out every scratch, we’re committed to reviving that natural wood charm that makes your space warm and inviting.

Our Restoration Packages

Understanding that every hardwood floor has its own story and needs, we offer three distinct restoration packages designed to cater to various requirements and budgets. Contact us for a customized quote on your home’s hardwood floor restoration needs. 



Per Room (200 Sq. Ft.)

10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee



Per Room (200 Sq. Ft.)

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Includes all Basic PLUS-

Screen & Re-coat


Per Square Foot. Call for Consultation

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 
Save 50% Vs. Sanding & Refinish

Our Projects That We Have Completed

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After

Why Choose Two Shea's Restoration?

Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to sustainability sets us apart in the hardwood floor restoration industry. With Two Shea’s Restoration, you’re not just getting a service; you’re entrusting your home to a team that cares deeply about bringing out the best in your floors while ensuring the health of your family and the planet.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your floors with our Basic package, restore them to their former glory with our Standard package, or give them a complete makeover with our Specialty Screen and Re-Coat option, Two Shea’s Restoration is here to help.

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Let us help you rediscover the beauty of your hardwood floors. Contact Two Shea’s Restoration today and take the first step towards reviving your floors’ natural elegance and durability.

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