Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Lewisville, Texas

Two Shea's Area Rug Cleaning & Restoration Services

At Two Shea’s Restoration, we offer professional area rug cleaning services in Lewisville. Contact us to restore your area rug and bring style, comfort, and color to every room. In the bustling heart of Lewisville and the wider DFW area, we pride ourselves on treating your cherished rugs with the care and attention they deserve, ensuring they continue to enhance your home with their beauty and charm.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Services

At Two Shea's Restoration, we offer a comprehensive range of fine fabric cleaning services tailored to meet the unique needs of every area rug, from delicate fabrics to intricate designs. Our expert team is equipped to breathe new life into your area rugs, restoring their vibrant colors and freshness.

Two Shea's Area Rug Cleaning Services Lewisville

In-Home Area Rug Cleaning

Enjoy the ultimate convenience with our At-Home Area Rug Cleaning service. Our professionals bring their expertise right to your doorstep, ensuring your rugs receive the best care with minimal disruption to your busy life.

Area Rug Pick-Up & Delivery

For those rugs needing extra attention, our specialized Rug Cleaning Shop offers an intensive care package. Your rug will enjoy a spa day, emerging refreshed, clean, and vibrant, delivered straight to your home, ready for admiration.

Rug Restoration

Tackling more than just surface dirt, our Area Rug Restoration service delves deep, cleaning both sides of your rug with specialized equipment to remove ingrained grime and allergens, reviving your rug's texture, color, and overall freshness.

Color Preservation

We understand the importance of your rug's colors. Our Color Preservation service ensures they remain as vivid and striking as the day you fell in love with them, using gentle, yet effective cleaning methods.

Area Rug Cleaning Package

Choose from our carefully curated area rug cleaning packages to match your personal needs.


$1/Sq. Ft.

Add $2.25/Sq. Ft.
For Pick Up & Delivery Service

+$0.65 Per Ft. For Natural Fiber
10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Standard (Most Popular)

$1.35/Sq. Ft.

Add $2.25/Sq. Ft.
For Pick Up & Delivery Service

+$0.65 Per Ft. For Natural Fiber
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Includes all Basic PLUS-

Restoration MAX

$1.75/Sq. Ft.

Add $2.25/Sq. Ft.
For Pick Up & Delivery Service

+$0.65 Per Ft. For Natural Fiber
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Includes All Standard PLUS-

Our Projects That We Have Completed

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Ready to Refresh Your Area Rugs?

Don’t let your prized rugs lose their luster. Contact us today to schedule a professional area rug cleaning and let us restore the beauty and vibrancy of your rugs.

Whether it’s a quick in-home clean or a full restoration, Two Shea’s Restoration is here to ensure your rugs continue to make a statement in your home.

Call Two Shea’s Today, Your Rugs Will Thank You!

Our team is highly trained in the latest professional area rug cleaning techniques, ensuring your area rugs receive the best care. With services designed to suit your schedule, including in-home cleaning and pick-up & delivery, maintaining your rugs has never been easier. We use only the finest eco-friendly cleaning products, safe for your family and the planet. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can trust in the quality and reliability of our services. Contact us today to bring life back to your area rugs!

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