Two Shea’s Pet Odor Solutions:Your Answer to Freshness

As much as we love our furry friends, pet odors can be a challenge. Our pet odor removal service is your solution to a home that smells fresh and clean. We employ advanced techniques to eliminate pet odors at their source, leaving your home with a clean, welcoming environment.

Revealing The Unseen: Our Proactive Approach to Pet Odor Removal

At Two Shea’s, we shine a light on hidden pet stains using UV technology, revealing the not-so-obvious spots. Our treatments involve live enzymes that naturally neutralize odors, targeted solutions that tackle specific stains, and deep extraction methods that leave your surfaces truly clean. We don’t just cover up odors, we remove them!

5 Star Service Customer-Focused Approach

At Two Shea's, your satisfaction is our mission. Specifically our technicians, they go the extra mile to ensure your carpets are cleaned to your highest expectations.

Premium, Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Products

We don't compromise on quality or sustainability. Being that Two Shea's uses only premium, eco-friendly products that deliver superior cleaning results while keeping your family and the planet safe.

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Hardwood Restoration Package

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Post Clean Topical Pet Odor Treatment

Stage 2 (The Extra Mile)


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Includes Stage 1 + Injection Treatment Before Cleaning

Stage 3 (Full-on Fido Fix)


Per Room (200 Sq. Ft.)

Includes Both Stage 1 + 2

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Pet Odor Services

UV Light Targeting

Are invisible pet stains wreaking havoc on your home? At Two Shea's, we use high-powered UV lights to detect and target elusive pet stains. This technology allows us to spot the unseen, ensuring that every trace of pet activity is treated during our comprehensive cleaning process. It's our secret weapon in restoring your spaces to pristine condition.

Our Premium Pet Odor Removal Products

At Two Shea's, we don't compromise on quality. Our cleaning includes the use of commercial grade hydrogen peroxide, a formidable odor neutralizer and brightener. The scents we use aren't just pleasing to the senses but are specifically designed to decimate odor molecules - not merely mask them.

Severe Pet Odor Remedies

When pet odors stubbornly refuse to budge, we don't back down. We offer an intensive, three-stage treatment process for severe cases. We're also prepared to escalate to the use of powerful Ozone treatments and odor blocks. These effectively combat the most potent odors, restoring home's freshness and your peace of mind.

Pet Odor Enzymes

Our products contain active enzymes that attack odor-causing bacteria and germs. These enzymes are like tiny soldiers, 'eating' the source of the unpleasant smell. Once they've accomplished their mission, they naturally dissolve, leaving your spaces spotless and free from lingering odors. It's nature's own cleaning crew, and we harness it for your benefit.

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